Smart Plans     VS     Traditional Insurance

Coverage Comparison


(example 1 adult)

Monthly Cost


(example 1 adult)





Waiting Period

1 year







Exams & X-Rays

Cleanings & Periodontal treatments


Fillings & Buildups


Root Canals & Crowns




Laser Bacterial Reduction




*Disclaimer: All-inclusive step is achieved when all prior restorative dental needs are completed and while patient maintains reasonable oral health at home.
Benefits cannot be applied in conjunction with dental insurance.
Auto-draft monthly billing required. Benefits are forfeited at time of missed payment.
Not covered: Elective cosmetic services, wisdom teeth extractions, dentures, advanced cases/full mouth rehabilitation, and specialist referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

$65 per adult, $120 Per couple, with a cap at $155. A family of 10 is still $155. As your family grows the price does NOT after $155.

Yes! Where smartplan does not have a CAP the potential savings could be huge. Your only out of pocket expense is your monthly premium!

SmartPlan is great not only for your overall Dental health. It’s great for your mental health to have peace of mind that there will not be any unexpected costs involved in your dental care.

SmartPlan covers:

    1. Exams and X Rays;
    2. Cleaning and Periodontal treatments;
    3. Implants;
    4. Fillings and Build ups; 
    5. Root Canals and Crowns;
    6. Extractions;
    7. Laser Bacterial Removal;
    8. Cosmetic Whitening.
Unlike traditional insurance you don’t have to worry about losing benefits, as long as you make your monthly payment you and your family are covered.

Things happen; SmartPlans understands we have it set up to auto withdrawal at the first of every month. However if you miss it just give our office a call to work out the options. 

Everyone in your family! As your family grows, Just simply call (208)-737-5253  and add them to your plan.

Only Smartplans Authorized Dealers, Check our approved Dentist list and see if yours does.

Yes you can cancel your SmartPlan. Just call (208)-737-5253.

SmartPlan DOES cover teeth whitening

How it works

Step 1: Select your SmartPlan and schedule your first exam

Step 2: Save 40% on your initial treatment plan

Step 3: Receive all your care from us at no extra cost to you!

Step 4: Enjoy all of the benefits of Smartplans and with a healthy smile.