I agree to the following terms and conditions and I understand that my membership is contingent upon compliance with ALL of the following:


I agree to pay the Total Membership Amount each month, according to the plan I have selected. Payments will be automatically withdrawn using the payment method I provide, and all payments are non-refundable. 

Transferability and Use or Benefits

I understand that my membership and included benefits are not transferable. If treatments or services are not used, they are forfeited. I may continue to redeem my included services as long as my payments are current.

Healthy Mouth Standard

I understand that I must maintain my oral health at a “reasonable level of health,” to be defined as the development of not more than two conditions outlined in the USAF DRC classification system.

Regular Prescribed Treatment

I understand that I am responsible to attend all exams as prescribed by my dentist, and I am willing to accept all diagnostic treatment as deemed necessary for disease control by my dentist. I also understand that I am required to adhere to all behavioral recommendations (including daily brushing and flossing) from my dentist. 

I acknowledge that if I reject the proper diagnostic tests, and treatment options as prescribed by my dentist that my benefits are null and void.

Elective Procedures

I understand that any elective procedure that does not lie within the scope of routine disease control, or otherwise advertised, is not a “covered procedure” within my benefits. 


I understand that TC are subject to change in the future.